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The clients we have experience of working with cover a range of difficulties, disabilities and diagnoses including:


·      Abuse: including emotional, physical and sexual abuse.


·      Addiction: including drug, alcohol and sexual addictions.


·      Anxiety: from extreme anxiety such as social anxiety disorder to more moderate, yet life-limiting symptoms.


·      Depression: from severe life-threatening symptoms to more moderate yet life-limiting chronic symptoms.


·      LGBT and gender related issues.


·      Living with chronic and/or life-limiting physical conditions.


·      Living with learning difficulties.


·      Mood disorders e.g. Schizophrenia.


·      Personality disorders e.g. Borderline.


·      Relationship and family issues


·      Self esteem issues: including social phobias and low-self esteem.


·      Social exclusion due to cultural, religious, sexual, gender difference.


·      Trauma: including PTSD and complex trauma.

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For Groups Seeking Psychotherapy

Why Art Psychotherapy groups work ?

Art Psychotherapy groups can help people experiencing psychological or emotional distress which is significantly affecting how you function in your daily life.


You may have already visited your GP and been offered medication. You may have already experienced time-limited, purely talking therapies.  You may have already undergone several different assessments and diagnoses. Yet you still feel your life is being significantly limited by your condition and symptoms.

How does Art Psychotherapy work?


Art Psychotherapy combines talking therapy with a range of different creative techniques to help you explore and express different thoughts, feelings and behaviours that are difficult to understand through words alone. Art Psychotherapy aims to provide you with the opportunity to explore your issues and needs in a deeper, more creative way, within a supportive psychotherapeutic relationship.


Through deepening self-awareness, Art Psychotherapy offers the freedom to reflect, explore and build upon inner resources to become the person you truly want to be.



“The real voyage of discovery consists not in seeking new landscapes, but in having new eyes”

- Marcel Proust -

“Every child is an artist. The problem is to remain an artist once he grows up”

- Pablo Picasso -

“The life that is unexamined is not worth living”

- Plato -

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